Research Overview

Due to its ubiquitous and pervasive nature, the endothelium and its perivascular elements are uniquely positioned to participate in critical ways in most physiologic processes of the body. As an important corollary, the vasculature plays a central role in the development and progression of most, if not all, diseases

The Center for Vascular Biology Research endeavors to transcend traditional organ-specific approaches to vascular heath and disease. The Center brings together scientists and clinicians from diverse fields with the goal of formulating and applying interdisciplinary methods to the study of vascular biology. Our research covers a broad spectrum of areas including angiogenesis, atherothrombosis, inflammation, and a range of related diseases. It spans from basic to translational to clinical.

Research Breakdown atherothrombosis angiogenesis inflammation


Our angiogenesis research focuses on mechanisms of physiological and pathophysiological blood vessel formation during, for example, wound repair, placental growth and tumor angiogenesis.


Our atherothrombosis research strives to uncover mechanisms of atherosclerosis and neointimal formation, pulmonary hypertension and vascular bed specific hypercoagulability.


Our inflammation research includes efforts to dissect mechanisms of leukocyte trafficking and vascular permeability, as well as the pathophysiology and therapy of sepsis.

Alphabetical List

An alphabetical list of the CVBR faculty and Associate faculty members are available here.