Angiogenesis Research

Angiogenesis, the sprouting and proliferation of endothelial cells from pre-existing blood vessels is a biological process on which all growing tissues rely. As an important corollary, angiogenesis may play a pathophysiological role in many diseases, including tumors, diabetic retinopathy and wound healing. Notably anti-angiogenesis therapy has recently emerged as an important adjunct to therapy of certain cancers.

A key focus of the CVBR is to delineate molecular pathways underlying physiological and pathological angiogenesis, and to identify novel diagnostic and therapeutic targets. Areas of interest include placental growth, tumor angiogenesis, wound repair, retinopathy of prematurity, and neovascularization of ischemic tissue.
Dvorak Headshot

Research Area:
Vascular Permeability & Angiogenesis
Harold F Dvorak, M.D.

Karumanchi Headshot

Research Area:
Angiogenic Factors in Health & Disease
S. Ananth Karumanchi, M.D.

Lawler Headshot

Research Area:
The Regulation of Tissue Remodeling & Angiogenesis by Thrombospondins
Jack Lawler, Ph.D.

Nucera Headshot

Research Area:
Endocrine/thyroid cancer translational research (role of BRAFV600E in the angiogenic microenvironment and metabolism
Carmelo Nucera, MD, PhD

Zeng Headshot

Research Area:
Molecular mechanism and signaling pathways in pathological angiogenesis
Huiyan Zeng, Ph.D.

Zhao Headshot

Research Area:
Signaling in Pathogenic Angiogenesis
Dezheng Zhao, Ph.D.